You know I have always loved things that are a little out of the ordinary. Like the stencilled art that you sometimes see around the city. On telegraph poles and garbage bins. They might be just a person’s face  or some graphic that just keeps popping up here and there. I loved the stories of the Guerilla Gardeners in Brisbane that under the cover of darkness, fixed up public areas that were in need of some love and care.

When I was on twitter, tweeting with my friends and I asked if anyone would like a brownie, I was surprised by the number of people who wanted one. To satisfy their cravings I decided to start a brownie treasure hunt. I walk around the city and other areas with my brownies packed up in bags and then tie them to prominent structures. After I tweet their position and wait to hear if they are picked up. It is SO much fun!

Last week I planted four or five packets around the city and was pleased to hear most of them were picked up. Perhaps you will join the Brownie Hunt next time?


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