I offered to make my friend’s little boy a cake for his birthday. When he rang to talk to me about the cake he asked for a chess set birthday cake! Probably not quite the task I had imagined, I was thinking square with chocolate icing and sprinkles. Oh no not this time, the request was a red and black chess board with at least a few chess pieces. ┬áNot wanting to disappoint the young man I decided to make the whole set. I started working on it a few days ahead on time. Some of my friends have suggested I should be renamed the “Saint of Culinary Patience.” It does have a nice ring to it, if anyone wants to approach the Pope?

I went and purchased the red and black and white icing from Executive Chef and some from the Cake and Icing Centre in Mitchelton. The chess pieces were made out of the flower moulding icing so that they would hold their shape.

First I made a big square chocolate cake, 24cm x 24cm.

Slowly the cake started to take shape. The chess pieces were not perfect, but the kids were more than happy with the way it looked, and even happier to eat the cake and the chess pieces. When we cut the cake they all shouted “Red and White, Red and White!” ┬áThe birthday party was a lovely occasion with all the things I love to remember about my children’s parties. Lots of children screaming and running around. Lots of laughter and eating. The look on the birthday boy’s face and his guests is something I will cherish.

Definitely worth the effort.



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