As most of you know I am married to an Italian, Not just an Italian but a “Siciliano” from Sicily!

His father cooks for us when we visit him in Melbourne. Benito is a wonderful cook, he does all the things the best cooks do but without fuss or fanfare.  He considers it normal to plant your own zucchini seeds, grow your own zucchini, harvest the flowers and the vegetables and cook them for dinner. This is the way the Italians have always done it. When he lived there with his wife and sons he had a very productive vegetable and fruit garden, but now that he lives alone he has reduced the plantings. There is always a great meal to be enjoyed in Benito’s kitchen but when you open the fridge, it is clean and sparse looking. The cupboards only hold essentials. I have tried to adopt some of the principles of this cooking but I cannot stop hoarding things in the pantry and fridge.

However I do buy my produce and meat fresh. I don’t ever take meat out of a freezer except for the pets. I prefer to be influenced by what looks good on the day.

I would never buy my meat from a supermarket and prefer to buy my fruit and vegetables at a greengrocer.  The Italians have always shown me that eating and food is something you do for your family, it is part of the love.











Benito’s Polpetta

For the meatballs

500 grams of Pork mince

500 grams of beef or veal mince

3 tablespoons of Pecorino cheese

2 eggs

1/4 cup of chopped continental parsley

1 cup of breadcrumbs

salt and pepper

For the sauce

Diced garlic (up to you how much)

2/3 of the bottle of Passata sauce

1 clove of garlic diced

some beef stock if the sauce becomes to thick




Place all the meatball ingredients together in a bowl and mix really well.

Roll into small balls, the size is up to what you prefer.

Put two tablespoons of olive oil in a large deep fry pan and fry the meatballs gently. Turning over so all sides are cooked.

Then add the diced garlic and 2/3 of the bottle of the Passata sauce on top of the meatballs. Place the lid on the fry pan and leave to simmer for thirty to forty minutes.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

When serving grate fresh pecorino on top of the meatballs and sprinkle with more chopped continental parsley.

Serve with bread or pasta.








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