We arrived in Entebbe airport Uganda and straight away you can sense, this is going to be different. I had been to Entebbe airport when I was about nine and the airport building had not changed, except for a lick of paint. Our travel guide met us and took us to Lake Victoria Windsor Hotel. It was comfortable but not luxurious by any means. I was thrilled to see that they had tortoises in the garden and went straight away to pat and feed them.

The meals at the hotel were just like good old fashioned home cooked food. I especially enjoyed the chicken and vegetable soup as I was suffering with jet lag and a bit of a sinus problem.

We had arranged to meet Aaron and Ivan, my two boys that I had been sponsoring for about 16 years. I was beginning to think they weren’t going to turn up as it was getting late when out of the dark came my two lovely young men.

It was a memorable meeting and they seemed really moved by the fact that these two people from Australia who they thought of as their parents, since theirs had died, had come all the way to see them.


























We set off in a four wheel drive the next day for an 11 hour trip to the Gorilla trekking and Bwindi Forest.

It was a Long day and along the way we saw how Ugandans lived. They grew their own food, caught fish to eat and walked for kilometers to fetch water. You see children walking beside the road with plastic containers balanced on their heads, sometimes as young as two or three. They seem happy enough even though life is hard they all work together.

The trek up the mountain to see the Gorillas was the hardest thing I have ever done physically. The altitude effects your breathing and even though we had trained ourselves up for the task we never would have made it without the aid of our two porters. They carried our bags and pushed and pulled us up the slippery mud and over the tangled jungle. By the time we made it to the Gorillas we had been walking for two and half hours and my clothes were drenched with sweat.

When the guide indicated to us to be quiet and the clearing opened, there were about eight Gorillas in front of us! The Silver back eating peacefully at the back and his children playing around him. The females also feeding around him. I never expected to be this close to so many Gorillas. I was thrilled when one female came out of the bush behind me and walked right next to me giving me a little shove as she passed. I will never wash those pants!











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