The children in Uganda have very few possessions. We visited a school outside Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. All that the kids had were the classrooms and a few books in the principal’s office. The girl’s uniforms were all undone at the back, some came to school in normal clothes, some came bare footed. The teachers and the principal showed us around and asked if we might donate some money towards the school. Of course we did. When I think of all the excess in Australia it seems so ridiculous that these kids have nothing. On the wall outside one classroom were the words “Say no to gifts for sex”. I can’t imagine a primary school having to teach children this, but I am glad they do. Aids is still a big problem in Uganda. I saw little girls with plastic dolls with one eye and one arm. The boys like to play with a wheel at the end of a stick. None the less they seem happy, lots of giggling going on. The families love their children very much and they often have lots of them. I saw babies and children everywhere. Such gorgeous children.

After Bwindi we were driven to Lake Mburo National Park. Another Long day in the four wheel drive. On the way we stopped at Lake Mburo and were taken on a boat to see Hippos. We were traveling along when out of the water a hippo jumped up and bounded through the water after the boat with his/her mouth wide open. It gave the husband quite a fright. Hippos are amazing. Lolling around in the water like chubby tourists on a hot day. We saw sea eagles and lots of other beautiful birds.

We stayed in a more upmarket tented lodge in this National Park called Mihingo . Each guest was given their own Tent which was really a permanent structure with a tented bedroom area. We looked straight out onto the water hole and woke up to Zebra, Water buck, Wart hogs and other animals grazing and drinking. Really quite unbelievable.

The food at Mihingo was pretty good, best we had in Uganda. We were served hummus and chips when we arrived and bruschetta for entreƩ at lunch the next day. It is pretty amazing considering where we were.










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