I enjoy seeing all the flowers displayed outside the Florists in Paris. What a joyful picture they make as you turn the corner. The roses are very popular at the moment, they come in every colour imaginable. I bought myself some mauve ones that were the first ones I had seen in this colour.

The Parisians have quite a choice in how to buy flowers, from the very upmarket “fleurist” to the markets with big bunches in buckets and then there are the potted plants. They are all gorgeous.

I have seen plants here that I have never seen before and old favourites that have never looked so good.

With flowers like this around who could possibly start the day feeling anything but great? The Florists have a lot of competition so they look for a way to stand out. One such Florist is L’artisan Fleurist in the Marais he delivers the flowers in a rather special car.

Then if you want to see more flowers, there are the parks. Jardin Du Luxembourg, Jardin de Tuileries so may parks I can’t possibly mention them all. In the Luxembourg the flowers are astonishing. They are planted on mass but in a very random way so it looks like a cottage garden.  On the weekend, their pond in the middle is used for wooden boats to float about on and the children push them off with long sticks. There are people playing chess, people reading, the french sure know how to use the recreational space. In the Tuileries it is a more rigid garden but I was thrilled to see that you could feed wild sparrows if you stood with bread in your hand.

What a magic place Paris is and all this is for free.

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