On our road trip to the Bourgogne region we booked two nights at Auberge Du Paradis (french for bed and breakfast) in Saint-Amour-Belle-Vue. A good friend of mine had come back from a stay here and highly recommended a visit. We arrived on a Monday. France is not at it’s best of Mondays or Sundays. It is in a kind of “weekend” mode. Which is fine if you have a normal life of work and rest but when you are traveling you sometimes forget that people actually need a day off. The Auberge’s restaurant was not open on Mondays and Tuesdays so I am sure I missed out on an experience there.

The little hotel is quite unassuming from the front but when you wander through the rooms the attention to detail is astonishing.

Everything has had thought put into it, the napkins of the breakfast table, the little touches in our room. Breakfast was such a pleasure to my eyes and my taste. The owner and his wife run the establishment with great pride. He runs the kitchen and makes his own jam, yoghurt, breakfast cakes and fruit compotes.










We ventured out from the Auberge during the day and discovered the little town on Cluny. It has a huge abbey and is also a horse training facility Haras Nationaux . Also all around Saint-Amour-Belle-Vue are wineries and cellars. The french call them “Caves”. We visited a couple and walked under the huge Chateau de Pommard for ages. It is a meandering cellar where 400,000 bottles of wine is stored. I have to admit I am not very knowledgeable about wine, however this was such an experience. At one stage I started giggling because it was so dark and no one was around, It reminded me of a ghost train at the ekka.

We also visited Auxerre on the way back to Paris. We parked down by the river and walked up the cobblestone roads to Saint-Etienne Cathedral  a truly beautiful Church. Then we walked through the little town and bought some produce for a quick dinner when we returned to Paris.

I have seen mushrooms in France that I have never seen or eaten before. This time I purchased some Chanterelle Mushrooms. They are yellow feather type mushrooms and asked the vendor how he would recommend I cook them. He suggested butter, parsley and a light sauté served on  toasted french bread. “Parfait!” for when I return to Paris. They tasted delicious. I wonder why we can not purchase these in Australia?

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