I have written my first article for Bonjour Paris here is an extract.

Recipe: Jerusalem Artichokes with Lardons and Arugula from the Richard Lenoir Market

By Jacqui Guglielmino

Marché Richard Lenoir.


Visiting a neighborhood Paris marché is not to be missed, especially if you want to experience real life in Paris. Everyone is there: very early in the morning, chefs from restaurants get just what they need for that day. Later in the morning, the neighbors appear: young mothers with their children, nannies with their charges, and older Parisians buying their supplies for the next few days.

Last week I bought my produce at Marché Richard Lenoir, which starts at the Bastille monument at place de la Bastille.

Vendors call out from their stalls and try to charm you into buying more than you need, which is so easy to do because everything sold there is so fresh and inviting. There are the fruit and vegetable stalls stocked with produce you have never seen before. You’ll find olives in every color and size. Butchers and fishmongers, including Jacky Lorenzo, a world-famous poissonnier, also are stocked with a seemingly infinite variety of top-quality cuts of meat and fish.

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