Some people say “Home is where the heart is” however that causes conflict for me. My heart belongs to my family like most of us but my family is not in the place where my heart sings. Now that I have returned from my American tour I know that it is not just travelling that I enjoyed when I lived in France it was France itself. I enjoyed New York and Washington and I think I could live in New York but it does not feel the way I felt when I was in Paris or France. Do you think it is possible to have stored memories in your genes? Is this why I feel so right when I am in France? God knows I will never be french, as much as I try.

It was my first time to “The Big Apple” and I was filled with impressions from TV shows and movies where New York seemed to be a formidable place that only some people would be able to conquer. However it was quite the opposite. It was easy to navigate and the people were so friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my interludes with the local people. One day we were walking through Chelsea trying to find the Magnolia Bakery when a very nicely dressed older woman asked if she could help us. We ended up talking about how she had lived in the area most of here life and that she was the last of her family in New York.


Magnolia Bakery was crowded when we found it and the window was full of cakes that had that home baked look. I joined the queue and ordered some cupcakes to try. They were moist and the icing was the best part.


With icing on our lips we decided to keep walking and discover what else was in the area. The streets were so pretty with tulips flowering. The weather was just right, cool but not too cold.  I loved the way you see so many dogs going for walks with their owners and dog walkers. Lots of them were “muts” too. They weren’t as keen as Australians on designer breeds and pedigrees. Being an animal lover I stopped and talked to people about their pets. This one named Smudge, was especially wonderful.


One of my favourite things to do when travelling is checking out the local produce. We walked to Dean and Deluca and Eataly and enjoyed finding many things we do not have in Australia. Look at these juicy green fern-like vegetables! They are called fiddleheads and are only available fresh in Spring. You can use them like any other green vegetable and serve with pasta or in a salad.



And how about fresh Garbanzo beans! They are also know as chickpeas and can be eaten fresh from the pod. I have never tasted fresh chickpeas and how good did they taste! I wished I had a kitchen so I could go home and cook with all the amazing things we saw. I got the impression most people in New York eat out or buy something ready made like in Paris. The choices were unbelievable and lots of healthy options.

New York certainly is an amazing city with so much to discover, I look forward to telling more about my adventures in the next post.


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