I was very brave on Sunday and even though I was not well I went to a lunch that I had pre booked ages ago.
It was held in Paris in this young artist/chef’s apartment. It is called Lunch In the Loft. I had already looked at the menu and knew that the husba would not enjoy the meal so booked it just for me! It was in an area next to the Marais. It has a Viaduct going through it and Paris has turned this into a park that you can walk or ride your bike through.
I arrived there and two Australians, husband and wife from Melbourne were waiting at the door to be let in. I was happy as that meant I didn’t have to speak French the whole afternoon. We went upstairs and were welcomed by Miss Lunch and her friend, who helped her serve the meal. Soon two Norwegians arrived, very pleasant newly weds and then four young American students from Newark. It was a fabulous afternoon with lots of wine and great food. The company was so interesting, especially as we all came from different parts of the world. We were charged sixty euros each and it was very good value.

The Apartment is small and welcoming and has many painting and other works that Miss Lunch has created on display. Even the bathroom has gorgeous tiles that have been painted with portraits of the famous

There is a large curtain hanging between the kitchen area and the dining room so the secret of how Miss Lunch creates her amazing meals is hidden from view. It was just like a restaurant with our own private area.

I think I would have liked it if Miss Lunch joined us for at least dessert, but I understand if she wants to keep the chef and clients apart.











This was the menu..

First there was a delicious parmesan cheese pastry in the shape of a crown on our plate, that we nibbled until the first course.

Homemade figatellu salad, which was pork sausage cut into pieces and a salad of celery, tomato, quail eggs and capers.

Turbans of sole and shellfish, This was especially delicious.

Aiguillettes of stuffed foie gras. The foie gras was the real thing and was like butter in your mouth.

By the time the quails and baked quince arrived I was really enjoying myself and forgot to take a photo! You will have to use your imagination, it was delicious.

Fondant of apple and almond, passion fruit coulis.

The meals were exceptionally good and the service was wonderful, if you are ever in Paris you should try and enjoy a Sunday afternoon with Miss Lunch.


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