Ok so I am back in Brisbane now after all that time overseas. I am suffering from cultural shock, extreme change in weather and jet lag, so if this post is not up to scratch please forgive me. Everything is SO different. Brisbane is like a big tropical holiday destination, everyone is in their holiday gear and the weather is so balmy. I heard I was very lucky to arrive when I did because the week before had been a sweltering 41 degrees! It rained the first few days, all day and all night which suited me, as it gave me an excuse to stay inside and try and ease into this new, old life.

Of course I miss Paris more than you can imagine! I miss the old buildings, the cold weather, the produce, the markets, even the stinky metros, but for now I am back here. I thought I would enjoy being in my kitchen with its wonderful appliances and all the gadgets that I’ve forgotten I had.

I celebrated by making some crispy shortbread-like biscuits with the lemon olive oil I had brought home from Oliviers & Co, in Paris. The recipe I had seen was a complete disaster! It would not hold together and therefore I have adapted it and given you the new, improved version. These little tangy biscuits are light and fresh and I am sure would be appreciated with a cup of tea. As you can see I have used some napkins I bought in Paris to help keep the wonderful memories alive until I can return.



220gm plain flour

150gm caster sugar

110gm almond meal

80ml of lemon olive oil

120gm softened unsalted butter

Finely grated zest from a lime.

Pure icing sugar to dust with.


Preheat the oven to 180C. Combine flour, sugar and almond meal in a bowl.

Add extra virgin lemon oil, butter and lime zest, and stir until well combined.

Turn onto a piece of baking paper, bring together with your hands and then press into a lined biscuits tray. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Remove tray from fridge and carefully cut into shapes with a cookie cutter. Place these on a tray and bake until light golden about 10-20 minutes in a moderate oven 170C. Cool completely and dust with icing sugar.

If like me, you use a round cutter you can combine the left over dough and place back in the fridge and then cut again.  You might not be able to purchase Olivers and Co lemon olive oil but I am sure you will find a substitute.

Happy Cooking.

















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