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I have been lucky enough to be given a VIP back stage pass to meet the chefs at a cocktail party at the Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show to give away! This is a great opportunity for one of you who enjoy my blog, to meet the Chefs and ask them those questions you have been wanting to ask. With show entry this pass is worth $90 so the double is worth $180! Quite a WIN!  To enter all you have to do is write a comment on this post telling me which chef you would like to meet and what question you would ask her or him. I will let you know who is the winner next Saturday 27th. Best of luck.



The difference between this cake and others that I have included on Everydaycook is that the pears are sautéed first in butter and sugar to give them that luscious caramel taste and I used Australian wattle seeds to give it another dimension of taste. The Wattle Seed has an earthy flavour which I thought went well with pear and almond. It tastes wonderful served warm with ice cream of cream.



For caramelized pears

Pears / peeled and sliced

Light brown sugar

Unsalted butter

Almond flakes

For cake mixture

200 grams of almond meal

200 grams of gluten free flour

1 rounded tsp baking powder

4 large eggs – whisked

175g soft butter

175 caster sugar

1/2 tsp wattle seeds (available at Herbies Spices)

1 lemon zest from one lemon

a small tub of plain yoghurt


1. First beat butter, eggs and sugar until light in colour. Then add sieved  flour and almond meal and baking powder and add to butter mixture.  Then add lemon zest and wattle seeds. Whisk it all together until you have a well combined and smooth mixture.

2. Next caramelize the pears by melting the butter in a pan and the light brown sugar, then add the pear slices and cook for a couple of minutes on each side.

3. Grease your cake tins and line with baking parchment. Remember to grease the inside of the baking parchment too.

5. Place the pears in a layer on the top of the cake mixture and then sprinkle a thin layer of flaked almonds.

6. Bake in the oven till golden brown. To test if the cake is done, you can push your finger gently in the centre and if the cake springs back it is ready.

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