I have tried to bake something that is lower in sugar and yet still tasty. There are lots of people now looking for low GI and low sugar treats and this little recipe meets all these requirements as well as being gluten free. There is instant coffee through the mix. I used one of the those big granulated types but you could exchange this for dates or anything else you like.

My daughter recently returned from a trip to Tokyo and bought me the beautiful plate that the cakes are sitting on. Although it looks like two plates glued together it is really one plate with two designs. Don’t you just love it!

Image 1

  •  4 tablespoons plain gluten free flour, sifted
  •  2/3 cup (55g) icing  sugar, sifted
  •  1/2 cup almond meal
  •  4 teaspoons of granulated instant coffee
  •  80g butter, melted
  •  4 eggwhites
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