I am on 612 ABC radio today talking about “The Perfect Christmas Lunch”  I feel that the most important part of any celebration meal is that the host is relaxed and that a wonderful time is had by all. To achieve this, different people will be prepared to present different meals. However I would much rather a simple meal with a relaxed chef than a complicated one with someone who is stressed!

For entrée may I suggest my Buffalo mozzarella with prosciutto and peas  It is a simple entrée with a lovely fresh taste to start the meal with. It can a vegetarian if you leave the prosciutto out.


For the main meal you can’t go past a turkey in my opinion. These days you can buy a whole bird or a rolled breast or even extra drumsticks so there is not argument over those. I will write a post later about roasting a turkey, however it is very easy. I serve roast potatoes, green beans in a lemon butter sauce  and a big salad with the meal. If you are looking for the chestnut stuffing recipe you can follow this  link and it will take you to my Bonjour Paris article. Remember you can replace the chestnuts with canned chestnuts or water chestnuts.

For dessert you could make an Australian favourite, Pavlova. I have called mine a Merry Berry Pavlova. Berries are in season at Christmas time and it is a lovely light dessert .


If you don’t feel like making the Pavlova you can always order one from a good bakery and just do the decorating.  No one can resist those delicious berries, cream and meringue.


The most important thing about your Christmas meal is to enjoy having your family and friends around you. Take time to laugh and talk with everyone and I am sure it will be the best Christmas lunch that you remember…..until next year.



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