I am in Sydney at the moment. I have been enjoying the cooler weather. Catching ferries on this amazing harbour is always a treat. People have been so friendly (this time). We have really had a great week, even though it has been a little overcast. The Festival Of Sydney which gives the whole city a party atmosphere. There are some great exhibitions on and lots of interesting things popping up all over the place.


After a big day out this is a great meal for those nights when you are short of time or it would make a great weekend lunch.  Easy to prepare and to change to gluten free just purchase gluten free bread.



Lamb back strap marinated in garlic and lemon juice. Cut into small steaks that will fit in a bun.

1 punnet Rocket

Humus ( You can buy this to save you  time, or home made which is even better)

Turkish bread (Gluten free rolls is needed)

Fried Eggplant

(For this you cut an eggplant into thin slices and then fry in olive oil until tender)


Toast the turkish bread and lay out ready for the fillings.

Fry the lamb backstrap pieces until cooked the way you like them. I always like lamb to be pink in the middle.

Spread the humus on the bread, place rocket and fried eggplant on top and then place the lamb on top of this.

Serve with a big salad.

Easy peasy you have a lamb burger!




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