Even in March it is still very hot and humid in Brisbane. To be honest we have all had enough of summer by now! Still it’s a good excuse to put together a few last salads before the cooler weather arrives and what better combination than Roast Pumpkin, Chickpeas and Chicken? The great thing about this salad is it can be rolled inside pita bread for your lunch the next day too.




750 grams of Japanese pumpkin cut into wedges

three spring onions, chopped

1 firm avocado cut into small pieces

2 cooked chicken breasts, shredded

200 grams of mixed salad leaves

1/4 cup of olive oil

1/2 cup of hummus

cumin seeds

chopped parsley

salt and pepper

lemon wedges


Cut Avocado into slices and set aside.

Place pumpkin wedges on a tray with a little olive oil and roast until brown and tender at 170 degrees. Cool in the fridge and then cut into smaller pieces.

Place chicken breasts in a fry pan with a little olive oil and fry until cooked through. Let cool and then shred into bite size pieces.

Drain chickpeas from the can in a colander and run fresh water through them.

Combine the roasted pumpkin, spring onion, feta, chickpeas and mixed salad in large bowl. Combine the vinegar and remaining oil and hummus and cumin seeds in a small bowl. When well combined  pour over the salad and toss through. Place shredded chicken and chopped parsley on top of the salad and sprinkle with a few more cumin seeds. Salt and Pepper to taste.

You can serve this with warm flat bread.


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