I can’t tell you how wonderful Brisbane is in Autumn and Winter. Really, it could hardly be called a “winter” we are blessed with sunny days and cool nights. Still warm enough to brave a swim and cool enough to feel hungry and wear a jumper every now and then. This time of year also inspires me to cook and bake more.

We were having some friends over for coffee and cake and I whipped this one up the night before. It really is that easy. If you don’t fancy it being so soft and melty in the middle, just leave it in the oven for a little longer. I used frozen cherries but you could use the real thing if they are in season or canned. Don’t substitute with glacé cherries they are too sweet. This cake is great with ice cream and you can serve it slightly warm if you like.


250g unsalted butter

400 g dark chocolate (the best you can afford) with the highest cocoa percentage

2/3 cup of castor sugar

6 eggs

1 cup of almond meal

1 cup of gluten free flour (or normal flour if you’re not following a gluten free diet)

1 1/2 cups of cherries chopped





Turn the oven on at 170 degrees.

Prepare your spring form cake tin with baking paper and grease the sides.

Melt the butter and chocolate over a pot of steaming water. Being careful not to let any water touch the chocolate.

Chop up the cherries into smaller pieces and leave to drain.

Beat the eggs and sugar until light in colour and fluffy, approx 5 mins.

When the chocolate and butter are melted, stir until cooled and then add to the egg and sugar mixture. Mix together while adding the almond meal and flour. Finally add the cherries.

Pour all of this into the pan and bake for 30 mins, longer if you would like the centre to be firmer. Another 10 mins should do it.

Let cool and then dust with icing sugar and top with a couple of spare cherries.


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